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Post Mortem Cross Discipline

Film Project Grief Work on project: I learnt that audio starts from the animatic stage and then just keep improving what they initially make and just continue to edit it to suit the animation and timing etc. the final thing doesn’t just get given to them and then they start doing audio. Communication wasn’t…… Continue reading Post Mortem Cross Discipline

studio 3

Project Breakdown

Pitch & overview Project: Body of work: All working files for all projects: Donut Project: Hiccup project: Lava lamp Project: Showreel title: Drip experiment: Art station link: Some assets from the Donut Project:   Some renders from the Lava Lamp project:   For each project I watched…… Continue reading Project Breakdown


Week 8 Journal

What I did: I completed my dot to line tutorial and made the word ‘hiccup’ I created a way better-looking blue lava lamp: I cleaned up and edited the base of this lava lamp from the previous lava lamp experiment. I thought of the idea of doing an animation with 3 lava lamps…… Continue reading Week 8 Journal

studio 3

Post Mortem- World Builders

The final project: Some final renders. The final deliverables: Positives; Working with Jordan has been great, the story she created was great and through working together we got to depict it really well in the trailer than if she had just got to do it herself. It also gave my idea for an art…… Continue reading Post Mortem- World Builders