studio 3

Week 11 & 12 Journal

I polished and completed my doughnut project.

Final polished tests, which I added the transition between the alarm clock and the doughnut-sized clock. I also added animation between the doughnut boxes forming around the doughnuts and when their lids shut. In alternating order and with variation in timing they move up or down before going back into line and the lids shutting.

Did a set for box opening, colour shrink and the phrase grab yourself some donuts today. I made this all into 1 test as it is all apart of the same ‘scene’. I have realised through reviewing the test that I need to have the letters for donuts on the png used as the lid, which means that I have to make the lids in photoshop. In the test I made all the lettering appears through their opacity increasing. ‘Donuts’ appears before the phrase grab yourself. The lid close speed may need to be adjusted, and there are some problems with the size minorly increasing to cover gaps where the lid, sometimes isn’t fully attached to the box. The lids also all close in unison for that reason as sometimes there are some awkward gaps, but this could be fixed by adjusting the placement.
Animating the lid wasn’t as difficult as first thought. I just had to move the anchor point, make a 3D layer and rotate it on the x-axis from memory.
The colour shrinking also happens in unison, just animated the first colour panel and then took note of its scale and keyframe and repeated it. I could have maybe just colour picked the colour I wanted and just made one layer then duplicated it and changed the colour of every layer but it wasn’t hard to just animate each colour panel individually, just cause I was concerned that after effects may not have perfectly matched the colour. The lid is just a duplicated colour panel from the start that I shrunk.
I got used a font from da font, as the basis of all my words in the ad, they are free for personal use. ‘Retrocycles’ is used for the word ‘donuts’ and ……… for ‘time for donuts’ and ‘grab yourself some donuts’.

In the tests, did a lot of work and experimentation into circle burst animation around the clock at the start, to see what looked best.

Final tests:

Final project:


I compiled my lava lamp animations into a video together, by duplicating the orange and blue lava lamps I was able to do some simple animation in after effects of them pushing each other around in different variations.

Lava lamp compiled working files:

I made my showreel, which importing the lava lamp animation into caused me a bit of trouble, so I started reanimating it. Until Steve showed me how to easily resize the file in premiere by right-clicking on it and selecting scale to frame.

I completed my showreel title, which can be seen in my showreel. Its a simple write on text.

I finished my showreel:

Presentation slides:

I started a new cross dispiline project and finished it:

Final video:

compiled film work for trimester:

Cross-discipline post-mortem:

Specialisation Project Breakdown:

Tutorials watched:

Really helpful, I used this to replace layer in my box lid experiment

When replacing layers some of the letters when rotated with the old keyframes, had the letters upside down and when fixed the rotation had to be adjusted to match the rest again. I had to do this mainly by guessing.

A very simple tutorial was kinda surprised that it is done using stroke, but it makes sense. Very simple. I haven’t seen someone just copy stuff in after effects before. I’m used to always import it, I’m curious to see how it saves what you copied in. making it a shape layer I feel like could be optional, as I was thinking of doing this with different colour sprinkles, I think I would have to modify the technique, either just experimenting with how using a png and see how it animates it, as he turns off an option called “stroke sequentially”. I could also follow his method but draw fewer lines in the first place and then just make different layers different colours and animate each layer individually which could create an interesting effect it if I modify the timing of things.

This one is done completely in after effects which is interesting and I like how its dots and may use this method to layer onto the simple line one.

This one shows an offset option in trims paths, which offsets both the start and ends of the path, keeping both ends of the path moving. This method could be the best way for me to animate mine. He animates one line, although the line appears to be more of a dot because of the speed between the end and start are. He then uses an expression to multiply the number of lines, and with rotation creates a circle. The method includes making a shape layer, then drawing a straight line, adding trim paths and animating it, then in rotation  typing the expression “index*360/number of lines wanted”, then duplicating the layers

This guy does a lot of the tutorials I have watched like the dot to line and is really good. This is also all with after effects and is similar to the previous tutorial I watched, but he animates the size and position of the rectangle path/line it bursts. Then adds a repeater and that’s how he duplicates his line and adjusts the rotation by typing 360/number of lines.

Copying Keyframes wasn’t working, I was missing the step where I selected the layer I wanted to copy onto, even though it was the same layer. Just also had to make sure I moved the time slider.

To do my circle burst tests  I combined techniques that I learned from all the tutorials I watched.

Trying to figure out why the sound won’t work

Doesn’t work

This tutorial worked I think, premire decided to crash after I tried but the sound then worked.

To do the donut zoom, use the donut rotate file. Get a png of the donuts in the panels, then have the Oreo donut scale down to cover the donut on panel. Then as more panels are revealed they could slide onto screen from above or below in alternating order. The other donuts that are visible, just use the full size donut asset and then shrink it to the size of the Oreo donut when that donut appears and then have is as shrink at the same rate as the oreo donut. The background will also have to be animated/shrunk in the same way.

Tried this tutorial but once it got to the blur effect I noticed no difference in my text, whole his glowed so I decided to stop


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