studio 3

Post Mortem Cross Discipline

Film Project Grief
Work on project:
I learnt that audio starts from the animatic stage and then just keep improving what they initially make and just continue to edit it to suit the animation and timing etc. the final thing doesn’t just get given to them and then they start doing audio.
Communication wasn’t the best on either animation or film side, Jonathan the film director corresponded with the Audio people, so I don’t know how communication went on there. But for most the animation students work was completed on time and we did communicate well amongst ourselves. With work being completed on time, it was left to Jonathan to compile the animatic and he said he would do. But he took way longer than what he should have, didn’t communicate well, especially when Gracen had uploaded her work, but just to a storyboard file, but Jonathan didn’t tell her he couldn’t find it until it casually came up weeks after he should have completed the animatic. He also should have let one of the animators go, as the animator didn’t have time to do the project (which is completely understandable). The animator at the same time shouldn’t have said that they could do it either. But as the director, Jonathon should have let them go and then if he couldn’t find a replacement let go of his emotional attachment and cut the scene.
But at the same time, us animators should have asked what was going on sooner, even though it is really the director’s responsibility.
Communication- with both projects the main form of communication was through Facebook messenger, as well as in-person meetings. Although the film project has a lot more in-person meetings (even though while we were waiting for the animatic to be made). But for the scale of the Audio project, the communication was at the correct level for the project.
There was no task tracking for the audio project, and there wasn’t really any for the film project either. There was a deadline set for the
Audio student Placeholder:
Work on project:
Completed project:
Haven’t learned much about Audio from her, but she it’s been a really good experience as she is quite relaxed and open to suggestions. It really nice to work for someone open-minded, her idea of having a space animation worked really well as I was already thinking about doing a space animation. Although unfortunately, I’m not doing a new process/type of motion graphic. It’s nice to create something with purpose. On this project, I would have liked more time so that I could have done something different and made it so that it could have been animated in some way to the music, depending on what type of motion graphic animation style. It would have also been good to have more time to develop more design concepts. Also would have been nice to learn more about the audio discipline. But this was definitely my favorite project to work on and was a good experience, although it was a quick project.

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