studio 3

Week 10 Journal

I did a lot of experiments for my donut project after being a bit confused about what to do. After talking to Katie I knew what I needed to do.

Did test for box opening, colour shrink and the phrase grab yourself  some donuts today. I made this all into 1 test as it is all apart of the same ‘scene’. I have realised through reviewing the test that I need to have the letters for donuts on the png used as the lid, which means that I have to make the lids in photoshop. In the test I made all the lettering appears through their opacity increasing. ‘Donuts’ appears before the phrase grab yourself. The lid close speed may need to be adjusted, and there are some problems with the size minorly increasing to cover gaps where the lid, sometimes isn’t full attached to the box. The lids also all close in unison for that reason as sometimes there are some awkward gaps, but this could be fixed with adjusting the placement.
Animating the lid wasn’t as difficult as first thought. I just had to move the anchor point, make a 3D layer and rotate it on the x axis from memory.

Box lid opening experiment and colour shrinking experiment:

The colour shrinking also happens in unison, just animated the first colour panel and then took note of its scale and key frame and repeated it. I could have maybe just colour picked the colour I wanted and just made one layer then duplicated it and changed the colour of every layer but it wasn’t hard to just animate each colour panel individually, just cause I was concerned that after effects may not have perfectly matched the colour. The lid is just a duplicated colour panel from the start that I shrunk.
I got used a fonts from da font, as the basis of all my words in the ad, the are free for personal use. ‘Retrocycles’ is used for the word ‘donuts’ and Aneisha script for ‘time for donuts’ and ‘grab yourself some donuts’

Edited and made more doughnuts:

mintyoreo. crumbled.22

strawberry donut com (1)plain donut galazedplain donut2 glazed complain donut3 glazed complain donut4 glazed complain donut5 glazed

Made the plain donuts for the clock.

I also created the clocks needed for the first bit, I had to make  2 separate clock faces cause the bells on the alarm wouldn’t fit on the screen.

Comp 1000clock (1).png

Clock animation:

Donut and clock Rotation tests:


Drew over some fonts to customize them to suit the advertisement. By putting these into a photoshop document it also means that I don’t have to get the fonts installed on every computer I work on, which is super useful.


At first, I wasn’t sure about the navy sprinkles cause I thought they stood out too much.

I also tested the fonts with part of one of the scenes to see if it suited it, just to make sure that the colour worked. The sprinkles aren’t on the text in this picture. I love the sprinkles!



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