studio 3

Week 9 Journal

What I did:

I completed both my red and orange lava lamps. There are 2 versions of each lava lamp nos as I went through and completed the drip tutorial that the lava lamps are based on. Through this I discovered that Fast blur and simple choker give the drips a dripping effect, with them connecting, reacting and stretching. The fast blurs everything while the choker trims back the blur, giving it a neat outline. So I went and adjusted the blue lava lamp and rendered out another copy with fast blur and choker on it. The animation of the lava is slightly different for each of the lava lamps, because of the effects of the fast blur and choker, no matter if you make a version with fast blur and choker first then one without. The lava is often too close together and or just doesn’t seem to blend and work together in one version while the other looks fine.

I like the look of both styles (both the on with choker and fast blur and the one without them).

Differences shown below (pngs from each lava lamp aren’t the same frame, random frames selected)

Fast Blur and choker:

Comp 1242Comp 1268

Comp 1_1211Comp 1_1267

Comp 1258Comp 1292

Without Fast blur and choker:

Comp 1279Comp 1233

Comp 1252Comp 1284

Second blue one:

Links to both my red ones:

Orange lava lamps:

I completed the drip tutorial.



I started making the doughnuts for my fake ad. This involved some more concepts and choosing a colour palette.

unnamed (1)unnamed

Some more concepts.


I went through pinterest before selecting these as my main choices, but chose this one as the final after I made the marshmallow doughnut using the palette.


I experimented to see if I could just use the colour palette in the backgrounds and have the doughnuts as their natural colours, but it would then wreck the colour palette and the unity of all elements and the aesthetic that using a colour palette has.


The Doughnuts


The marshmallow doughnut.

hemsworthy donut

The choc brownie doughnut


The 100’s & 1000’s sprinkle doughnut

I experimented with the sprinkle size, as when I first drew the sprinkles were smaller and it looked wrong, so when I made them bigger and that made it look right. i made the sprinkles in sections, by making a layer with a bunch of all the sprinkles on it then copied and pasted it around the doughnut erasing what overlapped.



The oreo doughnut


Oreo that I drew and then broke up.

My friend Leo introduced me to clipping masks in photoshop which was extremely helpful.

Links i looked at for the doughnuts:

Not as helpful as i hoped.

I also started making my week 10 specialisation presentation:

Toggle report:


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