studio 3

Post Mortem- World Builders

The final project:

Some final renders.

ground-deco pieces_100ground-deco pieces_149ground-deco pieces_1052ground-deco pieces_1074ground-deco pieces_1089ground-deco pieces_1106ground-deco pieces_1125Comp 1001Comp 1299

The final deliverables:


Working with Jordan has been great, the story she created was great and through working together we got to depict it really well in the trailer than if she had just got to do it herself. It also gave my idea for an art deco environment purpose. Working with Jordan has also made this project bigger and better and has allowed Jordan to present her story idea in an easier/ better way, to explore both worlds. The quality of the project has also increased as Jordan’s experience and skill in after effects means that the effects particularly of the title itself and her helping me out with the general use of the program are great. Jordan is a hard worked and has helped a lot through talking to the audio student. We work really well together as a team, as we suport and respect each other and do the work. general, I like working with people as it allows me to be able off to bounce ideas off someone. Which allows me to explore new designs and ideas. Which helps me learn.

To repeat this I would work with Jordan again or continue to work in groups to make better projects and to be able to expand an think of new better ideas with others.

Communication, was really good mainly through face to face and phone calls, was very effective and regularly communicating during class and asking opinions about the work we completed. Feedback was gotten regularly from each other so it meant the work wasn’t having to be redone.

In the future, I would have communicated across multiple easily accessible channels.

About composition and lighting. I learned a lot about how to create well laid out scenes, the importance of colour palette and how to frame the focal point of the image. I also learned how to light in After Effects, and creating depth in a 3D scene through the lighting and shadows.

In the future I would use this knowledge that I gained through this project and expand on it.


A shared Google drive wasn’t set up immediately, this meant that folders weren’t set up well and it took a while for out stuff to all be up in the drive.                                                   In the future, I would set up the drive earlier, with more folders already set up and discuss its organisation earlier.

The project was confusing from the start and Jordan and I overestimated what we could achieve, and the quality in which we could achieve it in. Which lead to Jordan and I running out of time to do things and being stressed and doing too much towards the end and not polishing up our work.                                                                                                    We/ I should have asked more questions and reevaluated the scope earlier, to prevent this from happening again. As well as looking at the project overall to determine what needed to be done, so even if I combined steps at times or did things earlier ti would have made things a lot simpler and not as repetitive.

I didn’t know much about after effects or how to create the lighting I wanted. I didn’t really do as much research as I could have and should have, which may have made the project run smoother.

Roles required on a larger scale:

Art director over whole project

A person or team for each scene: The Art deco scene and The Futuristic scene.

A designer or team of designers for the credits and team logo

Animator or animators, working over both scenes. Possibly have a separate person or team for the credits.

A production team or person, that makes the pieces for the scene and constructs them into a scene. This could be done all together or a different person/team for each scene.

Audio Person/Team

Character artist/s and creator/s

Character rigger/s

Lighting artist/team


Conclusion: Don’t over scope and ask questions about what you don’t know and how the project will be completed. Use and expand my composition and lighting knowledge and apply it to different areas of animation. Teams work when they support each other and accept each other’s ideas.








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