studio 3

Journal Week 7

What I did:

I updated my lookbook for World Builders. I added stuff completed after week 4.

I finished my lighting in my scene for the World Builders project,  I did some variations of the lighting with the number of lights and the positioning.

best render

The last is one of my best renders of just the scene, without the characters and the added shadow that can be seen in Paperman. But the awning produces its own shadow and the signs and buildings above the stores project the shadows because the shop windows are layered there is also shadowing on the side windows which adds a nice sense of depth.

ground-deco pieces_249.png

Above is a render from the final video.

Here is a video showing some of my lighting, with the windows also producing shadow.

To achieve my lighting I did touch up the pieces that I used to build my scene, Including duplicating some parts of my windows and doors in the hope of using them to create more shadows. But it was difficult enough to get the windows to produce shadows, I had to move and limit the angle of a pre-existing light. So I wasn’t able to get the front windows, doors or even the door knobs to produce shadows as it would have required me to redo my lighting again when I didn’t have time for it due to the approaching deadline of the project. the rest of the lighting is really nice though and I’m proud of it.

Here is the completed World Builder’s trailer for “Not to be Forgotten” by Jordan Lee and Rhianon Crispin.

I animated my art deco scene, although the animation is very rough and I’m not happy with it. I also animated and created the end title sequence. The animation for this is a lot better, but the quality of the coin symbol is blurry even though I scaled it up in photoshop, but then I scaled it back down, but I tested it within photoshop and it still worked fine. Might have used the wrong file, I’m not sure.

What I Learnt and resources:

I also started 2 tutorials:

I started making the letters in illustrator (which I have never used before),  which I encountered some difficulties with, as I couldn’t connect paths together like the guy in the tutorial did. But I eventually drew the letters without having to connect things. I tried redrawing the letters and trying different methods of connecting but it didn’t work, so I ended up somehow expanding what I drew from and making the letters that way. I ended up making the world ‘hiccup’.

Notes I made:

When making a shape pressing a makes you able to edit the shape, if you select vertices when in this mode and press backspace it deletes the selected vertices. Duplicate parts of other layers to use as measurements and can use to create more letters.Control j connect paths together

I also started this tutorial:

This drip tutorial started without sound (as I wasn’t able to play it with sound) I started it and watched what he did and started just messing around with it as I watched, making duplicates of what I liked and modifying them as he made them in the tutorial, until I realised that this type of animation could be used for a lava lamp, especially if I messed with the emissive properties.

I found out that I wasn’t the only one to think of animating a lava lamp,  here are some amazing examples I found, although I think they animated it by hand frame by frame, my wouldn’t probably be to the same standard.

Here is a link to all my working folder so far:


there is the lava lamp I drew but without the aqua teal background.

When I was making duplicate pieces for the world builder project, I would use the paint bucket tool to change the colours, but this would affect the size of the windows and doors and make the edges messy. From this, I learnt how to replace colour although it didn’t work exactly like it said and I had to make some adjustments to things like lightness, cause the colours are always too dark.

I used these when trying to get masks to work, it worked when I tested it on a flat image, but it didn’t work in my 3d scene, in the end, I just ended up using opaque purple solids to make the shadows.

Inspiration for specialisation:

My resources of finding different ways to connect paths in illustrator….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..5.4.1066…33i160k1.0.4bWuhNE4hzA#kpvalbx=1


Toggl reports:


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