studio 3


What I did:

I designed and created a team logo for Jordan and I for our project, it is a drawing of my bird Peggy holding agent Carter’s hat as she is named after Agent Carter. Both Jordan and I love Peggy.


I also worked on designing the title again, coming up with this design that Jordan and I liked. Although there may be a couple more touch ups to do, and I will have to go through and combine some layers for convenience and invert the colours as I think it will be best/ look better if the text is white on  black as it allows the screen at the end of Jordans shot to fade to black.


Final Concept:

title forgotten

I did some thumbnails of my scene from different angles. Which can be seen here:

I also created a storyboard, although it is quite sketchy it will still be used for the animatic. draft storyboard art deco

I also gathered various shots for my shot deconstruction. They can be found in this document:

But ultimately I decided to go with a shot from the romantic short “Paperman”.  I analysed it and wrote a blog about it.


To write my blog on Shot Deconstruction I had to look over some of the notes I made in my week 2 blog as well some of the links I looked at that in week 2 referring to shot deconstruction.

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I also looked at some of the links the Katie liked on slack about the colour script. Which were helpful. From it I big thing I learned is that some colour scripts are just blurs, blocks of colour which confused me as I’ve seen others that are just very simplified coloured storyboards, using basic shapes and forms. Colour scripts can be either of these types.
“A colour script is a sequential visual outline of how you intend to use colour in your animated film.”
Importance and symbolism in colour, using colours to depict emotions and changing tone and saturation in colour to depict changing emotions.
Have a simple colour palette, you can always add colours later. Don’t distract the viewer with colourful in important objects.
Don’t over complicate the backgrounds with colour especially with moving images, they should be supported by their surrounding colours. Having a dominant colour and an accent colour is a good idea.
It was also very helpful looking at these examples:
I looked at these videos of models falling over for reference so I could get my head around how Elora could fall over naturally, which helped me draw the storyboards.

1min -1min 10 good fall examples fall has a bit of side view

Toggl Report:



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