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Shot Deconstruction

“Paperman” is a romantic, short film released in 2012, directed by John Karhs. It follows the story of a male and female office workers chance meeting at a train station during the 1940’s. The female disappears after getting on a train, leaving the man sad and alone. When he gets to work he sees her in the building across the street, and the story follows how paper planes bring them together. The shot I have chosen to deconstruct is the Male character is on the street and in frustration and anger throws his last paper aeroplane. Here is a link to the short. Kahrs, J. (Director). (2012). Paperman [Short Film]. USA: Walt Disney Animation Studio’s. Uploaded by kowngsoo on vimeo. Image taken from 4min  2 seconds to 4 mins 6 seconds or thereabouts.
“Paper Man” Shot
The shot is constructed a high contrasting monochromatic colour palette (Blender Guru, 2014). Which is utilised very effectively through the use of shadows to frame the image, drawing the viewer to the focal point of the male character (Blender Guru, 2014).
The monochromatic black and white colour palette also helps to confirm the time setting of the scene, it gives it a classic and vintage vibe to the animation. Combined with the style of the animation which is 3D but has been styled to appear as hand-drawn 2D, which is simplistic also helps convey the time period to the viewer.
The repetition of windows and doors creates the rhythm to the image as is makes the male character stand out even more, as he doesn’t follow the pattern of geometric doors and windows as he is a different organic shape (Zagrobelna, 2016).
What makes the character stand out the most is his high colour contrast to the background, as he is very dark in front of the light coloured building. As the light that is coming from across the street creates almost a spotlight for him, as the other characters as in the shadows and are out of focus.
A sense of depth is created by having a blurred out of focus object possibly a mailbox in the foreground,(Zagrobalna, 2016). The shot is a long shot which establishes the environment and allows for character movement. The action space (mrsbauerart, 2012), as well as his pose, also depicts his movement, which the scene is composed around so even as he moves he is still the focal point with nothing obstructing his path.
My Shot
My shot will be from the same angle and will also be a long shot with no objects in the foreground to keep the focus on the characters. As Elora moves and Zac is basically still, I don’t want him blending in or being covered by something in the foreground. There will be negative space/active space around here to allows for her falling (Zagrobalna, 2016).
My characters will also be the focal point of the scene.
Although the time period isn’t the same, its fairly close and the city street setting is also very close to what I was thinking except in my scene it will be stores: bakery and bookstore instead of office buildings.
The style will be very similar with the background being simple block colours and the use of the tones of the 3 colours of the chosen colour palette but with the use of silhouetted characters of dark magenta and teal which are a contrast.
Unlike the shot from Paperman (Kahrs, 2012) my shot will also have an almost analogous colour scheme of coral, red-ish purple and a light orange, which creates a warm and comforting setting (Blender Guru, 2014).
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