studio 3

STUDIO 3- Week 1 Journal

What I did this week:

I started my World builder’s project with Jordan. When we were first told about the project I started focusing on the environment but didn’t really have a story. My environment ideas consisted of:

Art Deco: bar inspired by Peggy Carter, Fantastic Beasts?
Ice creamery
Cute city street
Lily pond
Cottage garden
I was really keen on the idea to have an art deco style environment as some of through watching movies and tv shows like Agent Carter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them as well as just seeing images of architecture and fashion from that time has captured my interest.
I just wanted to make an aesthetically pleasing environment. When I talked to Jordan about what she wanted to do, she had a story about a couple is hugging before they start to walk, the girl trips on pavement, as she falls she is transported to another dimension (futuristic world) and finds a doppelganger of the guy she loves, unaware he’s the doppelganger she goes to hug him but he shoves her away.
Together we realised we could do what we wanted, Jordan gets to do her story that I adore as well and she can do her futuristic environment and present her story in a way that shows the cross dimension nature of it. And I get to do the environment I wanted with a cute story.

I did most of the project plan for the World Builder’s project I have started. Like the Work Break down Structure, team ethos, risks, operations and started on the task list.

Here is my project plan:

I did a lot of reference image gathering which I loved, it’s very interesting and inspiring.

Here are links to my Pinterest boards, which I tried to break up so that I knew what to focus on from each image:





Art deco-


What I Learnt and Resources:

I also tried to look at other sources for inspiration, and try to look at stuff outside of my field.

I also looked at album covers/ music promotions, these I thought would be good for the title sequence or for Jordan since she wants to do neon signs in her world.

The 1975 and Fall Out Boy. I like the use of neon and lines. how objects movement had an afterglow tracking effect on it like its movement leaves a trail or the

Keyframes of its movement are seen.

The movement and how as it moves the shape changes as it forms and reveals something else.

I also read through some pages of The Art of Tangled By Jeff Kurtii, which had some interesting stuff on the using silhouettes and using them to create a style and using them to frame images. I had talked to Jordan about using the same basic silhouette in the structure of our background to connect the scenes together a bit.

Here are my notes:

The curved lines in Cinderella are subtle and “arranged in rhythms that help create graceful, appealing compositions and a charming overall effect of a comfortable and intimate world..”. Even the shadowing is done in curved shapes, which leads focus.
Have curved lines throughout the film keeps the style and feel of the film consistent.
Creating ” greater appeals and visual interest” as well as depicting depth.
“Parallel lines and symmetry tend to create stasis and work against the idea that world is natural or hand drawn. Breaking up parallels adds a visual dynamic, and a “wedging” of straight shapes against curved ones helps make a computer-generated (CGI) world seem more organic.” Mac George.
As well the book The Art of the film: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, as the style is inspiring.

I love the aesthetic of the bakery and the style and the way lines on the glass, the shape of the lights. As well as the style of the buildings as it is the same style that I want to do my street in.


Toggl report:]



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