Studio 2

Cross Discipline Post Mortem

Google drive link to the whole project:

My storyboard work, which with some adjustments will be animated for the animatic:

Links to main concept work, some work in these folders isn’t mine, just look at the authors, my work is linked in the other links, (this is just everything in case there is stuff I missed):

Cat Concepts:

Some rough model sheet iterations and Anna’s bed concepts:

Hand drawn concepts:

I contributed to most of these documents, made team ethos and risk strategies:

Samples of my work:


Communication and Task tracking: Through facebook messenger group and with weekly meetings basically every week. This proved to be quite effective. As a group we discussed in the early stages when things should be completed and noted it in a dedicated document. Each week in meetings we would discuss where we were at and set goals for each week, whilst also receiving feedback for our work, as this project is directed by the film student Jonathon, and Jordan is the Animation Lead.

What went well:

The whole group got along fairly well, especially the animation team. As we all respected and got along a people. Pre-production went along fairly well and feedback was given constructively and regularly. Everyone in the group was able to have their opinions heard and considered, and we had quite a bit of creative freedom, although obviously restrained by style and the storyline. The pre-production stages went really well due to the communication between us, we went through multiple stages of concept designs.

What didn’t go well:

At times the film student was unorganised which held back the animation team, as the script and character descriptions weren’t organised early enough. The storyline in general also took too long to finalise which was the most annoying part as it made it difficult if not worthless for us to gather reference images and draw concepts. Although as lovely as it was for the film student to want us animators to help with the story.  Animators we don’t always have a say in the storyline, we work with what we are given quite a bit. He was basically set on his idea from the start, and not enough time or brainstorming was done or offered for us to really be able to help develop the story. So the length it took to finalise was pointless and held back production. This dis-organisation lead to a bit of tension that was resolved when the idea was sorted and the character description and script were uploaded as promised. As this project doesn’t really have a time limit to the film student, and possibly because he perceived production not relying on the script or his descriptions/requests for the characters and landscape may have been what caused him to be too relaxed with his work. Although its frustrating cause now his work is basically over, and now just gives feedback on our work. Next time I would ensure the idea is finalised sooner so that the animation workflow doesn’t get affected.

What I learnt about film as a discipline:

The workflow is similar to film in a lot of ways, but they may just be altered in how its done or have an equivalent. Like concepts, storyboards are still used in both, costuming, makeup and casting are the equivalent of character creation (modelling and or drawing). But the time in which pre-production, production and post-production are done in each discipline is very different. Production is a lot shorter in film, a matter of days or a week depending on the length of the film, whereas animation is weeks or months again depending on the length. Film has to be right the first time, otherwise, you have to reshoot, whereas redoing scenes in animation especially 3d is a lot easier as the scene is always set up in the same way there a lot more variables in film that would make re shooting more difficult to ensure the end result is seamless. Pre-production is an important stage of both, although film production involves hiring people and focuses on story development and its portrayal, where is animation always focuses on how to tell the story, not its creation as animation is a way of presentation, although having a story is essential. The animation in general requires more time and man power as we have to create from scratch compared to live action film, set in the modern world in particular where they just capture the scene. ying that film isn’t labour intensive). Post production within film requires more time to filter through footage, to edit and compile together.


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