Studio 2

Week 11 Journal


What I did this week:

I did some work on my trapeze animation, adding inbetweens as well as changing the second flip, as it wasn’t looking realistic, as she appeared to not have weight and be floating, otherwise, I was going to have to take it out.

The video “trapeze48′ is when my lecturers say she was floating. File “trapeze51” is with some adjustments that have yet to be approved.

My swan animation has progressed a lot as I made the key poses as well as adding inbetweens. It is what I felt like I spent most of my week doing.

What I learnt this week:

Good reference is really important, that’s what lead to me having to change my trapeze animation. But I persevered anyway cause I really like animation, and the key poses she hit during the flip are dynamic and I really like it.

Toggl Reports:



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