Studio 2

Journal Week 10

This week I Started drawing the symbols necessary for the ballerina animation, to create the basic poses and possibly the in-betweens as well.

I studied trapeze footage, gathered screenshots of trapeze footage and then combined the screenshots from 2 separate pieces of footage and combined them to make my sequence. I used them for reference as I drew up the thumbnails and layout of the trapeze animation. Although I have decided to remover the ladder platform from the background.

I also drew up symbols for trapeze artists and began animating the trapeze artists, I am almost finished blocking it out then it will just be a matter of adding inbetweens.

Link to trapeze animation so far:

I wrote my specialisation report, around 10200 words. I didn’t quite finish the editing this week though.

Worked a bit more on the water splash.

Drew up storyboards for my cross-discipline project. There are duplicates of some, as there are some final choices to be made and also I made different pieces for some so they can be animated in the animatic.




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