Studio 2

Post Mortem- Rapid Production

Final Product:

Preproduction went well since I had an idea on my character and her wearing a Costume, and I had several ideas for the type of animal or even food the costume was, as I was still exploring ideas. Instead of deciding on one costume, in particular, I looked at reference images and made a basic sketch for each costume idea I had, only one per idea e.g. Only one seagull costume. And then got feedback on the costume ideas. Then with a more limited selection, I expanded off each idea and created more designs. In this process, I went back to shapes and silhouettes. Which allowed me to explore different ways to design each costume and lead to the creation and thought of creating a toucan. I fell love with the idea and design of the toucan and it ended up being my final costume design.In the future, I will use shapes and silhouettes more and I have multiple choices I will repeat this process exactly as it allows a lot of avenues in design to be explored and boosts creativity.I got to do this because I’m doing this whole project myself.I loved Pre-production, I felt really relaxed about this stage and feel that I worked really well during this stage. I enjoy doing it as the tasks involved are fun.This could be repeated by doing pre-production again in other projects and looking for the best in every project I do to keep being motivated and interested in the project.

Learning about turbo smooth and using it in modeling the character, in particular, has lead to the style I was going for in an easily achieved. How this happened, from applying the knowledge I learned in class. This could be repeated, by researching different modeling processes and applying them to the style of the characters/animation, if they will be beneficial and work with style.

I didn’t lose any substantial amount of work. I did this I saved regularly and in intervals, as well saving to multiple sources. Repeat this in the future, use more sources of saving files.


I forgot to turn auto key on, which messed up the animation. This meant that I had to redo animation again. In the future, I would double check this every time before I animate, and save very regularly and in intervals so if I do make a mistake then I can just go back to another file if I can’t reverse it.

Morph targets moving around, so the mouth moves around during the animation.  Also getting them to flow nicely into each other, it might be due to not having enough morph targets.In the future I would do more research into mouth shapes, particularly with anger as it affects the mouth shapes, the degree in which it affects the mouth shapes is the real question.

Rigging issues- the bones not linking properly, the mesh particularly the foot messed up, getting the wings to move properly was a pain, I found it difficult to move them around. I had a lot of difficulty with wire parameters with controls. Getting controls to work particularly with the eyes just didn’t end up working. In the future, I would look more into rigging and have a set method of how to rig it from the start rather than trying to see how much I could do from memory and would result in fewer glitches and a better quality rig that has more controls.

Roles needed:

Director/Manager, to plan the project, to ensure the project is going to schedule and is following the right direction (what is wanted/what was described in the script/storyboard etc).

Concept artist/s- makes concept art as well as storyboards

Modelers- makes mesh and props, does layout could also do rigging and skinning depending on skill level. Rigging and skinning could easily be one person’s sole responsibility.

Animator/s- could be involved with storyboard and thumbnails creation. They animate the rig. Adds in cameras, could also do lighting.

Editor- could also do lighting. Renders out footage and compiles and edits it into the final product.

Rigging and skinning was the most difficult role, this would definitely be its own role. It is the most difficult as it involves so much precision to get it right if it isn’t done right or it doesn’t allow for enough flexibility it makes animating extremely difficult and frustrating.

What I have learned from this project is that it is extremely hard to do all the roles yourself and to get the job done right/easily. You can’t be expected to be good or naturally gifted at everything, and that’s okay it’s all about learning and without doing so you would never know what you are capable of, including strengths and weaknesses.


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