Studio 2

Journal Week 6

What I did this week:

Blockouts and in-betweens of my animation, as well as more lip syncing. Constantly fixing up glitches particularly with the lip sync. Some mouth shapes, especially rounded one would severely affect other key frames, causing weird and undesirable malfunctions.

Concepts for cross discipline, of the bedroom, both siblings and the cat. As well as looking into names for the siblings.



I made pieces needed for my frog, for my pantomime animation, Below are the pieces I have made. I ended up making one that moves just with the use of puppet pins because I was using the knowledge I had learnt from class and watching parts of a Lynda tutorial. Then I realised that the way I had constructed the pieces didn’t work, like having the legs and arms as one piece. I then deconstructed the frog body in photoshop and started redoing the rig an making it with IK limbs as originally planned.


What I learned:

Research before you start creating, so you make fewer mistakes. Or just watch the full tutorial not just bits and pieces, even if its long you need to have a basic understanding of how to do something before you do it.  Although I still will watch tutorials as I do the things that they are teaching.

Don’t do things in a rush, that’s when mistakes are made. I was renaming stuff in After Effects, I went through and selected all the pins but when I used the Duik renaming tool I didn’t change it from layers to pins or something like that. So I ended up renaming the layers, even though I had already done that.

Resources used:

This tutorial is really detailed and is really helpful and will be even more helpful when I watch it all the way through, well at least all the parts I need.




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