Studio 2

Journal Week 5

What I did :

Fixed my rig, made it elbow controls. As well as blockouts with the rig I created and fixed.

Made the background, assembled 3 panels and lay them out so the image appears seamless, the image is one from google images.


Made the simple textures for the models.

Cross discipline concepts for the siblings, their bedroom, cat and related stuff.


Concepts for frog as well as thumnails/story boards for frog pantomime animation.


Ballerina transformation concepts


I have decided to combine my action scene with my shadow puppet/box idea to make a trapeze scene using simplistic silhouettes. If I get time I will add a bit of detail. Inspired by Zendaya and Zac Effron characters from The Greatest Showman.


What I learned:

How to make elbow controls

Make point
Align with bone, then drag down
Ik selected
Motion panel
Swivels angel-pick target- select point
Align bones through orientation.
How to adjust the mesh, without screwing up the skinning/breaking what you didnt think could be broken.  Advanced settings always deform untucked to turn off the effects of skinning then when you retick it reapplies the skinning to the current mesh, this allows you to adjust the mesh or skeleton.
Relearnt how to put images in as backgrounds as I thought there was some special trick to it.
How to insert and view sound in 3ds max.
How to fix the sound not playing during playbacks.
Built on my prior knowledge of rigging and animation.

Resources used:

Used this for adding in the background, very simple and helpful.

My sound wasn’t working, after reading this forum I fixed it by going into the curve editor and selecting the sound and changing the quality settings.



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