Studio 2

Week 3 Journal

What I did this week:

I did more with the Blob Exercise, in class it went fairly well even though I got lost sometimes while trying to figure out stuff or take notes. The eyelid rigging is being really tricky and not working properly and the right eye is just a general pain in my ass.

I finished modeling my character, the eyes were particularly fiddly to get smooth and to sit on the head. The mouth hopefully has enough polys in it and is the right size so it doesn’t get destroyed while animating. She does have eyebrows.


Made a dodgy/quick previs, the animation is really simple, I’m planning on quickly compiling it in premiere because I have forgotten how to use cameras and know how to quickly render from a viewport and figured it wasn’t worth the stress right now. Her movement is very limited, I would have had her turn to the animal head but I would have had to move each piece individually and replace it into the right spot and it just isn’t worth it. When I do the actual animation she will have to turn or I will do it a cheat’s way and reposition some stuff for the shot when she is picking it up so it gives the appearance of her turning, when really its just camera work.

I did a Duik workshop in class and rigging a robot, as well as giving him an extra arm. I did some basic animation as I was planning on making his arms rotate like a propeller then zoom off into space.

Blogs: There was quite a bit of research done for these, although a lot of it was watching videos. Go check them out and see what I analysed and wrote about for planning my animation and my initial ideas for specialisation.

What I learnt this week

Learnt some basics about the program Duik, I can now do really basic rigging in After effects and will use it in my specialisation. I didn’t take many notes cause there wasn’t time and I was trying to keep up, but also cause the layout is really simple and even if you forget where things are I feel like it wouldn’t take long to find the tool you were looking for. While animating it took me a while to realise how to do it, as I was rotating the arms and since we rigged them with IK controls it wasn’t reacting well to me moving the robot’s arm one piece at a time. My friend Sean showed me that I just had to move the hand, I think it will take some getting used to and practice, I just felt like it wasn’t animating that smoothly, but that was probably a human error on how I was animating.

Some notes:

Different pieces in different layers same as normal

Window allows you to see IK controls

Ik with arm and select things in right order

Click part of body and click Y to adjust pivot points

Even though Chris showed us last week how to make a facial rig and use morpher, we did it again in class and did a workshop on it, rather than just watch. it was fun and I managed to get the morpher slider to work, but the eyes were a struggle. I need to do more research and practice on it.

My friend Jordan gave me a little run down on UV mapping again, cause I’m forgetful and stress too much. Even though I didn’t end up UV unwrapping this week due to not being able to get all the pieces of my model to go into the same UV map, when I selected everything and UV mapped it I couldn’t move anything. I unwrapped 2 models selected them both and then put a UV unwrap modifier on them, the UV map of only one model would show up. It’s very frustrating.


I did some googling to try and fix my UV unwrapping problems, these are all the sights I went to. All of which weren’t helpful in solving my problems. As they recommended scripts, they were for a different program like Blendr, old answers wasn’t sure if they would work or their answers were to connect everything which isn’t what was recommended by my lecturer and would make animating and skinning a pain. Green seams were also an issue, people said that’s cause there are open edges on the model. I couldn’t find open edges on my model…..

Also the theory of whether to Turbosmooth before or after UV unwrapping came up, the solutions for this either seemed too complicated/involving scripts or that if you turbo smoothed after UV unwrapping it can affect your textures, even though I’m only going to be using flat colour I don’t want to mess it up and would like my lecturers feedback and assistance first.

I also tried to find up how to open up the wire parameter box, without trying to create a wire parameter, I was trying to do this to look at how my left eye’s wire parameters are done on the blob model so I could do the same to the right eye. I couldn’t find anything. But the information on the Autodesk page about Wire Parameters seems very useful.

Toggl reports:


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