Studio 2

Specialisation Initiation Report- Studio 2

Current Skills

My current skill set is based on hand drawing, not digital. The only 2d animation I’ve done is was in trimester 2. So I have a limited or basic knowledge of it.

I have mainly done digital drawn in adobe animate, both straightforward and pose to pose.

I have also used symbols in adobe animate. Which simplifies things a bit, but the animation created either isn’t as clean and doesn’t flow as nicely without there being a lot of clean up. I found using symbols at times very frustrating.

I have used after effects a few times, my skill set is extremely limited and I did minor/basic animation, I found it very frustrating. Through using a plugin called Duik it became easier to animate in after effects, as it allows you to create a rig similar to those of 3d models.

I want to develop my skills in hand-drawn animation (both traditional drawing every frame, using symbols as well as a hybrid of both).

This will also improve my digital drawings skills as well.

I also want to use after effects to animate as well and animate using the rigging tools available.

Overall I want to increase my efficiency/ speed in animating 2d through drawing and using rigs. I also want the quality of it to improve as well.

The exercises/animations I want to do include an action scene, pantomime to music and a dialogue/lip sync scene. Hopefully using both methods of rigging and drawing to do each if time allows. Each of them will be between 5 to 10 seconds.

Examples of my work:


The hand drawn style, I love it, it’s stylised to be sketchy and remains simple.  I want to recreate this style as I find it aesthetically pleasing and simple enough to recreate. The animation

More simplistic clean animation, it demonstrates the different areas of animation like dialogue, the transformation and the simple actions like bouncing fish and the vampire getting out of the coffin. I didn’t think about doing a transformation animation, I think it would be awesome.

All the simplistic animal animations with the clean lines that start at 34 secs in and end at 55 secs, all are really good and achievable even as a final deliverable animation. The animation that starts at 1 minute 50 seconds, the silhouette/shadow like shadow puppets would be really cool to animate. It would aesthetically pleasing and add more interest to the animation. Both animations starting at 2 mins 18 secs with the mouse and the lady show great expression and I feel are at a level of detail and polish that is reachable.

Simple clean well-done animation- final deliverable quality hopefully achievable in the time I have.

Really nice and cute animation, I like the backgrounds as they simple and if were to do backgrounds I would do them like this as they are simple and work with the style I am thinkig of going with.

Animation Ideas

These would be 5 to 10 seconds exercises, either 2D rigged or hand drawn in Adobe Animate frame by frame.

  • Dialogue based/lip sync
  • Transformation
  • Action scene
  • Animal walk cycle
  • Pantomime to music

Themes/things to be animated:

  • Iceskating
  • Lily pad
  • Autumn leaves
  • Reading a book/animation presented with book pages
  • Someone walking into something
  • Elephant blowing water out of its trunk
  • Bird of prey fight scene

Research Topics

With animations, I think timing or polish, in particular, could be subjects that would be good to focus on as they both relate to the quality of the animation as well as timing relates to the smoothness of the animation in some ways as well. As well as 2D animation workflow.

Possible Helpful Resources:

After Effects related, including Duik:

Adobe Animate related:


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