Studio 2

Rapid Production Animation Planning

My approach to scenes:

From my lecturer’s advice, each shot should be its own file since it makes the camera work easier. It just means that I have to recreate the end 5 or so frames from shot 1 for shot 2, to keep the flow of the workflow (blockouts, breakdowns, etc). Both files would be copies of one file, where the modeling, unwrapping, rigging, and skinning is completed. Everything unnecessary for the shot is deleted (the stool and floor is deleted from shot 1). The animation will happen from different viewpoints, depending on the movement, of course, the camera angle will always be frequently referenced. For example when Jade puts the toucan head will be animated from mainly the front view which is where the camera will be positioned, as it makes it easier to animate and makes the movement more accurate, whilst checking the side view so she is always holding the toucan head right. The first part where Jade is just talking and shaking her arms, parts of that will be animated the side so its easier to animate her arms going forward. Using the reference videos below to add accuracy to the movement and emotion of Jade, analysing reference using techniques learnt from a video by Cameron Fielding, looking for poses rather than watching every 4 frames or something like that.

Video reference and their relevance:

A quick bit of context, Jade is the name of the character.

From the “Emperor’s New Groove”.
25 secs til 32 secs Yzmas body movement, particularly how she raises her hands and moves them in frustration and how her shoulders raise up when she says “Kronk!”.

From the “Emperor’s New Groove”.
47-48 secs shows the exact type of hand movement that I plan Jade to be doing. The way she quickly raises her arms up in frustration and quickly drops them hard and fast.
Yzma’s angry/ frustrated expressions throughout the video are inspirational even though Jade won’t be able to show expression that well.
19 secs til 24 secs- her hand gestures are what Jade will be doing at the start of the animation before she puts the head on. This lady demonstrates what I was imagining jade doing, but jade lifts her arms up higher.
44 sec – 1min 3 secs this lady raises her arm up towards her face, the same level as Jade will, although the lady is pointing and waving her arms around more than what Jade will the rhythm and the way she does it snaps and with force is how Jade will drop her arms in anger.
2 mins 43 til 3 mins 8secs- the guy is overly aggressive but the pace in which he drops and raises his arms in angry could be used in Jade’s animation at the start when she is angry as she talks about her job.
1min 15 secs til 1min 50 secs- the tail of the costume is seen, although it is thicker than the parrot tail, how it sits and bobbles around would be similar to the parrot tail as they are both padded. The movement of the dinosaur tail will be used as a reference for the tail of the parrot costume. The way it moves will add to the comedic value of the costume and will help emphasise the walk.
48 secs til 1 min 45 in the video the wings of the costume are seen to be very floppy and not holding their shape very well, it isn’t a good look and it makes them appear to be less like wings. When the guy pulls the sleeves up so his hands were in the tips of the wings, the wings look better even though they are scrunched up. It validates my choice in making the wings have a bit of structure from padding and possibly some wire just so they keep their shape as well as add to Jade’s humiliation. As well as having the wings being fairly close to the length of her arms to avoid excess baggy fabric/ making it easier to animate.
1.56 min til 3.02 as he put on the shoes I noticed the wing tips and how they folded, even though the wings on Jade’s costume are padded, they would still be folded/ react in a similar way when she puts on the animal head, the tips would bend, and if she would have less control over what she is holding, unable to pick up small objects as her hand/finger movement is restricted by the costume. Which is fortunate in a way cause then it won’t be expected to see hands through the suit.

3.12 min til 3.18 the animal head is put on, even though it’s from a front view angle (when the animal head is put on it will be seen from a side view) he puts it on in the same way as Jade will. But in the animation, as it is part of the big reveal the putting on of the helmet is dramatised with a bit of flair added as it drops onto her head. The way in which the head is placed on in this video is more accurate than those seen in the videos by Sprenger.
The structure/shape of the animal head is also similar, making it a great reference.

Actual footage of the dialogue being said shows great expression and anger. Will come be useful particularly for the first front close up of Jade.

Video reference acted by me:

These videos show me acting out the


The starting scene, Jade being angry initial focus on dialogue and her expression.





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