Studio 2

Week 2 Journal

What I did this week:

Final Concept art: Obviously it’s the toucan, that I fell in love with, it’s so adorable. Looks more like model sheets but that is because I’ve already gotten the colour palette sorted. The Toucan will have the same colour palette as the blue concept image from round 2.


Final Storyboards: Very basic and sketchy, but it has developed from the last drafts to have more of a lead up to the toucan costume reveal (head reveal). Shot one is lengthened and has become a cross between what shot 1 and 2 were to keep the bird head hidden.

storybioard 1.4 finalstorybiorad 2.2 final

Blob Character: This was really fun to make, its based on the cute dog like a character from the ABC children’s show “Bing and Bong”.


Creation of Animatic pieces: I separated the pieces into different shots, although shot 1 needed 2.Alot of the pieces are reusable which is fantastic and practical. I made every piece on a different layer as well so all pieces can be animated independently.Capture5432

Basic modeling of character: Just using turbo smooth, and very simple modelling of the toucan head (without eyes), the body and legs (cloned). I used a low poly cylinder as the base.


What I learnt this week: You remember more than you think. Life isn’t fair. WordPress loses stuff easily like this blog post that I had to write twice, hence why the formatting isn’t that nice and it isn’t as nicely written cause all my work got deleted. I learnt about using subdivision and using a facial rig on a simple character, through making the character I learnt more about modelling and how subdivision mores. How the orange cage is the model without subdivision and how to modify the shape of the model with subdivision. Also learnt about how the morphifer tool works and how useful it is. I learnt how to make controls for the rig. Some stuff went over my head a bit, but I saw and understood the basics or parts of it.

Here are my notes, in simplistic dot point form.


Linking and controlling the limbs throught constraints in the animation tab or hierarchy

Animation bone tools

Ik solvers

To make controls in create panel, circle square icon, the 2nd logo

Align the controls to bones, select bones then use align tool and click on target

Bone to control, animation, constraints, positions

Make sure model is centred

Look at constraint

When doing it with bones

Select bone


Constraints loook at constraints

Select control above

Source axis y

Select upnode, none

Select control below bone

Upload to upload axis y

And get rid of viewline length

Squash and stretch bones under properties select squash

Link all eye parts to head control

To get the eyes to squash and stretch select the ffd then add a skin modifier add head bone

Add morpher under skin on mesh

Make duplicates of the body

Can combine poses together

To make control panel use shapes, make square then circle, link circle to square

Right click parameter wiring/ under animation window

Select position

Select what will control what

Add info *mutliple, – (negative number for it to do something in another direction

Zero out/create basic position

Select all controls

Alt right click freeze transform

Eye and look at constraint


In class information

Memory from this video, relating to animatic piece information.




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