Studio 2

Back at it Again- Studio 2!

What I did this week: All this relates to the new Rapid Production Project that I have started.

Brainstorming ideas for the Rapid Production, after listening to all the audio and creature files (cause I was only really interested in those) I have decided on going through with the “One Job” idea.

Gathered images for inspiration and reference, looked at a lot of images of costumes through doing so lead me to find inspiration for my actual human character design, Jessica Jones. Here are some of them, none of the art is mine.


As the idea for the costume really interested and excited me I skip the silhouette phase at first and do simplistic concepts first, just to get my ideas down. Some of the costumes inspired more costumes like the whale inspired the shark or vice versa.



I then started my second round of concepts where I expanded on some of my costumes, asked for opinions from my peers on what they liked best. I chose to do shark, sandwich, parrot and flamingo. I went back and did the silhouette phase to help expand on these costumes, it helped me to explore the head designs (cause they are what really captures the character/essence of the animal) this lead me to design the toucan which I love. I drew random shapes and tried to use them as inspiration found it really helpful as it lead to the thought of the hammerhead shark and of course the toucan.



Shape experimentation helped with silhouettes and helped to see how helpful the process could be.



I also did my Project plan documentation.

What I learnt this week:

Once you get started work isn’t as bad as what it seems. Random shapes and silhouettes are really helpful and inspiring, and even if you have an idea it can be helpful to take a step back and see if you can modify it by simply trying to use a random shape, it’s not going backwards but forwards.


The Rapid Production Documents, past work documents, and Google Images.

Toggle reports link:




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