Specialisation- Post Mortem

What went well: I learnt a lot and feel that through gesture drawing and my research into anatomy that I have developed more skills and have developed more insight into how to go about drawing anatomy, in a way that evokes life and movement, although I still need to put this into practice more.

What didn’t go well: Didn’t get all my stuff done this was due to other commitments particularly other uni projects. Also the scope was too big for the time I had available to me. I feel that I didn’t experiment with the materials enough, and make enough pieces of art with them, I would love to develop my skill more.

What I would do differently next time: Spend more time on it, start gesture and anatomical drawing earlier with better reference images from online or books (not from life when people have no idea you’re drawing them and they move). Experiment with materials. Have a concept idea for each material and have all the experiment and art pieces based around that. Reduce the scope so I could focus more on the selected materials and therefore make more better quality pieces.

What I learnt during the project: Learnt more about how to go about drawing anatomy like, what to look at in the human body like force which brings the drawing to life and dimension. Although their are rules of how to draw humans anatomically correct, to create art, character or even just a gesture drawing an artists own style and eye should be used to create work that evokes the essence of human life and movement, whether that be in a realistic way, through cartoons or in a representation. Learnt about the properties about the materials, like lead and charcoal particularly their value and types which all create different effects suiting different purposes. As well as some tricks on how to use things

Future goals for skill development: To do the stuff I wasn’t able to complete particularly digital painting. To create more pieces of art with materials I did use to create better quality work. Basically to expand on what I’ve done and to continue developing my drawing skill in lots of different materials.


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