Obstacle Course- Post Mortem

Final Obstacle Course:

All working files:

What went well: I feel like the timing and the blockout phase of the animation went really well and was start forward after some practice. Planning, research and thumbnail stage I enjoyed and I think went really well, it effectively shows how Kim Possible moves. The obstacle course choice, with the small adjustment of lengthening the starting spot for a run up it really suits Kim Possible and shows off some of her typical cheerleader moves, making it and interesting to watch.

What didn’t go well: The run cycle was a pain and had to be re-done several times. Fraction key frames were apart of this as well as glitches in the poses which changed for unknown reasons, probably because of moving key frames around and the whole body not being selected when making key frames. This was really frustrating. when having the motion tracing on moving around when I first started using it for a while, often when trying to adjust a pose on a key frame it would glitch and send the rig over the other side of the screen which I found difficult or impossible to fix without Chris’s help. This had something to do with selecting the wrong hip select or an unknown issue.

What I would do differently next time: more time experimenting with Maya, use the quick selects particularly the whole body select when making key frames. Have AutoKey on. Using Tween Machine from the start, particularly with running cycle.

What I learnt about animation throughout the project: The importance of the principles of animation, if something is wrong with these basics that is why an animation can look odd. Timing and anticipation are particularly important. As well as contact poses which are something simple and can be easily missed, without them in my animation it causes a hovering or teleporting like effect. Holding contact poses is also very important in making the movement realistic and in jumps in particularly showing the build up of force and energy to propel themselves through the air.



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