Cross Discipline-Post Mortem

Collaboration 1- Audio:

My Contributions:
 I drew the place holder image for the youtube video. I went through several concept design stages for the mage in stages, first the overall layout then the expanding on the layout/environment, building and then how they wanted the trees coloured as there were a couple of different ways for it to be done. I then kept them updated as I made the final piece and made final adjustments like adding clouds and making the cliffs stand out more.
How we communicated: Responded to a request on the Sae cross discipline Facebook group. Met with the group once, then was in contact with team member Ron via Facebook messenger.
Task tracking: None I worked to the deadline, doing as many drafts and design phases as possible.
What went well in the project: communication was great, I labelled most of my concepts for easy identification. This made communication through messenger easy. I feel that the communication worked well as I got regular feedback/requests which were responded to quickly, politely and constructively.
What didn’t go well:
I didnt learn much of anything about audio as a discipline, but other than that it went really well.
What I learnt about Audio:
They came to me with part of a the final track. So I gathered that they worked in sections and add intruments/ sounds effects in one at a time and later they together.
Collaboration 2- Games project:
What I contributed to the project:
Logos for group and game
•3 cranes for Leo’s Asian inspired world
•1 deer for Chiara’s Forest themed world
For my world;
•6 floor tiles- water, sand, sand dune, raised sand til to connect to the sand dune and 2 variations of the waters edge where it meets the
Sand for variation.
•2 camels, one standing and one sitting
•4 plants, one of those being a copy of another plant, with the addition of a stalk and flower. The fern plant is just the leaves of the palm tree.
•1 palm tree
Link to files:
How we Communicated:
communicated through discord mainly, attended 2 of their games classes although not much of class time we spent communicating because they had deadlines to meet the project to complete, in class tasks etc. But it was still useful to attend and allowed me to ask questions when needed. There was never really a official asset list given, or if so I wasn’t notified. which made it difficult to decide what needed to be created, which caused me to feel overwhelmed. There wasn’t any real direct animator targeted messages except when designing logos for the team and game. So I felt at times that there wasn’t much direction given to me or any of the animators too much.
Task tracking: I updated the team on what I had done through telling them on discord, including when I uploaded stuff to google drive.
What went well:
the animators worked well together as a team. We helped each other if we had any questions about what we should do, we gave each other feedback on our models and colour combinations.
The modelling process went very smoothly especially considering that I was using a new program. This was because of the tutorials I watched. Also magicavoxel itself is just a easy program to use. We had freedom to design whatever we wanted, but it had its cons.
What didn’t go well:
The game students didn’t have a defintive idea, although it let us design what we wanted it wasn’t good because us animators didn’t have an idea on what they wanted us to make e.g. how many assets and characters. Whether we had to make characters was very confusing as there was discussion of there being different levels of characters and it was confusing whether we had to make and design them or not and what each would look like and if they would appear the same in each world.  The organisation of the project and the communication between animation student and game students. I feel like us animation students were left in the dark a little as there wasn’t much communication from the games students. Particularly around what they needed and wanted from us, as even though there was a hack n plan, and art bible we weren’t told when they were updated as when we came to the project they were non existence.
What I would do differently:
Ask from the start for them to make a list-  especially an asset list, of what they want and for it to be agreed upon. To request to be told when documents that will be useful to use like the art bible are updated. Spend more time reading over informative documents. Ask questions about what is happening in the project until I get an answer. As well as try and learn more about games as a discipline.
What I learnt about the other discipline:
they use a program called source tree. Which confused me when it was first explained to me and didn’t really see or understand what advantages or differences it has to a well organised google drive. After researching this I discovered that it is a masterfile system file management system, that allows multiple people to work on the same file at the same file at the same time. As well as logs the work that is done on the file, and who does it.
They use placeholders for the assets in this case it was mainly just cubes or simple structures made in magicavoxel. Although it makes sense for them to do this, I guess I never really thought of it before, I just thought that they would wait for models of some stage to be made, or that they would plan and program without models until they had models.



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