Obstacle Course- Kim Possible

sFor the obstacle course, I chose the skilled cheerleader crime fighter Kim Possible. Her movements are very quick and dynamic and highly gymnastics based. She often leaps when running, as well as running into handsprings and cartwheels. She does this during the chase after villains as well as during fights against them where she uses her cheerleading skills to dodge attacks. In the show, she regularly has to escape the liars of the villains which are almost like an obstacle course in themselves. When jumping across gaps or away from danger she often dives into a handspring or a forward roll to get to safety, although she doesn’t always land gracefully, landing on her feet or in a low crouching position. But she is always back on her feet quickly often in a fighting position.


Since the animation is fast-paced, I have had to supplement my research into watching youtube videos of cheerleaders and gymnasts doing a cartwheel, handsprings etc to ensure that the animation will be accurate as a lot of the moves that Kim does are quite complex and will easily go wrong without accurate reference for poses.

Running taken from an image of a basic run, which I can adjust to match Kim’s running style. Although her run is quite basic, she sometimes leaps at the same time.


Here are some screenshots of Kim running in various scenes,  from the episodes I recently watched including the title sequence.


Here are some thumbnails based on a basic run, and then Kims run. As well as the reference image of the basic run I used.

Kim jumps and leaps a lot to dodge obstacles, a lot of the time it is with the assistance to her hair dryer or whilst holding on to rope or whatever she has available. I’m not sure whether I will be able to incorporate rope or her hair dryer into the obstacle course. Here are screenshots of her jumping or diving through the air, times theses jumps and dives end in forwarding rolls or sometimes her landing on her feet in a crouch or on her butt.



Here are screenshots of her landings and her coming into landing.



Screenshots Kim doing handsprings and cartwheels.



Screenshots of Kim doing flips in the air.




Screenshots of Kim climbing both with rope and up and wall using her hands to boost herself up the wall.



Here are the thumbnails I have drawn from various movements that Kim does. Running, forward and jumping.


Cartwheel from Cheerleading video:


Obstacle course rough thumbnails.




I have decided to go for my first design. The backstory behind Kim running trough this obstacle course is that she is running away from Shego in one of Doctor Draken’s new temporary lairs, a warehouse. The obstacles being crates mainly and possibly one of Doctor Draken’s new Dooms day devices.





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