Week 8 Journal

What I made:


Gesture and anatomy drawings


Bear muscle anatomy.


Sketches for my Kim Possible animations, simplistic movement thumbnails.


Just some messing around the I did in Maya. As well as started an animation of the same rig above getting up onto the table. But as I’m not used to Maya yet it isn’t perfect and not quite finished.

What I learnt:

Started learning the basics of Maya like moving around viewports, the general layout and location of where tools are located. The shortcuts for basic modeling tools (which are the same as 3ds Max), how to use autokey and timeline. Right click brings up a radial menu. Holding down space bar brings up a large menu of different options. I do need more practice and am struggling a bit, but so far I’m doing alright but the layout of the timeline is a bit confusing.

To screenshot the notes I keep on my phone, so I can’t accidentally delete them when I’m trying to email them to myself.

I’ve read a lot about practices in drawing the human figure, from Mattesi’s book particularly on how to think about drawing the human figure and components/ideas to focus on capturing and observing like the force and the pose. As well as to focus on the details last, to capture the pose and movement first as the littler details don’t evoke the pose as much.

Links/Resources I used:

Animal Anatomy For Artists the Elements of Form by Eliot Goldfinger for the bear drawing.

Force Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators Micheal D Mattesi




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