Comatose Goldfish- Aftermath Project Complete!

Finished project Fly through video:

Link to Final Deliverables Google Drive Folder:

In the project, I made the following-


  • Art Bible- I made the first one, using both materials made by me and others, then Aidan edited it to the feedback that was given.
  • Project Pitch- Some slides were labelled on it but I made and organised the majority of it using both my material and those of others, as well as adding descriptions for both my work and others.
  • Asset Creation
  • Environment Creation
  • Project Objective
  • I significantly contributed,  to as apart of the team to the Team ethos, Brainstorming concepts, risk and strategies
  • Mood boards

Tested, Researched and Made;

  • The Night sky
  • Exponential fog, struggled with it a bit, didn’t end up applying it to the final project
  • The lantern flickering lights, placement and the blueprint
  • Normal lantern lights, placed by Jordan and Aidan, but adjusted.

These images show the fog and lantern test, as well as the night sky in the actual scene.

Capture (2)Capture4

Examples of Lantern Lighting in final scene.

  • Baked the lighting
  • Zipline, got the mesh to work in a test, made a quite complex blueprint but wasn’t able to work in the final project.


  • Adjusted the grappling hook and fixing a bug with it, all with Steve’s advice.
  • Teleportation, setting up the trigger boxes and making the blueprints

Capture5 (1)


This shows the placement of trigger boxes in the final scene.


Blueprints for teleportation.

  • Animating the trapdoor and door. Kayan helped me overcome a pivot point issue by parenting the doors to cubes and helping me position them in the right spot.



  • Gong

Capture6 (4) - CopyCapture7 (1) - Copy

78 - Copy

Textured Gong in scene.

  • Gong Stand

Capture8 - Copy - Copy


Textured Gong stand in scene.

  • Lotus


789 - Copy67 - Copy

The lotus and lilypads textured in scene.

  • Lily pads

77 - Copy

Lily pads textured in scene.

  • Lantern



Textured lantern.

  • Weapon Rack


098 - CopyCapture2 - Copy

Weapon Stand textured in scene.

Did UV unwrap all of them except the lotus and lily pads but Aidan ended up rearranging, scaling up and minor adjustments to pieces.

I was also the group leader and with this role I organised the team, ensuring that we had weekly goals, helped assign tasks, that everyone was happy and comfortable with what they were doing,  as well as normal team member duties.

Here is a link to the file with all the stuff I’ve made:

Post Mortem

Project Management & Teamwork

1a. Positive aspects of project:

  • Me taking on the role of Team leader
  • Aidan taking on the role of Creative Director
  • Integrating and creating a lot of our project desirables, which we were passionate about.
  • Our organisation, particularly our weekly tasks.

Negative aspects of project:

  • Being told to increase our level area size
  • Lack of communication at times
  • Leif not participating, communicating or attending class as well as not getting work done on time.
  • Project file size

b. Causes of Positive and Negative aspects:

  • I took on the role as team leader because the team wasn’t communicating well except for Jordan and I during the pre-production stage and no one else was stepping up to take the role. Jordan and I were the only ones that were doing pre-production work that we knew of which stressed me out. It didn’t help that due to a public holiday we missed a class. In the next class, I started to take leadership so that the team became more organised and tasks were set for everyone.
  • Aidan took up the role as Creative Director as he did all the textures as that was what he was most comfortable with.
  • The integration and creation of project desirables was caused by us increasing our area size and us working efficiently.
  •  Organisation and weekly tasks allocation was due to my leadership and the team communicating and planning the project together.
  • Increasing our area size came from feedback from lecturers and peers.
  • Lack of communication at times caused at the start by a cancelled class and then just general forgetfulness as well as Slack the main communication channel not sending notifications.
  • I can’t be sure the cause of why Leif didn’t participate, communicate well, attend class or get his work done on time. But from the start, he wasn’t there so it meant ‘t a invested in the project as the rest of us who each had several components that were excited about creating. Due to the factors mentioned he didn’t ask for tasks and we as a team gave him a minimal amount because we couldn’t trust that he would complete it and be there to present us with his work and integrate it into the project.
  • Project size was due to Jordan putting in additional mountain models and very high-quality textures.


  • I was nervous about taking over as team leader, but it turned out good in my opinion as the team became more efficient and organised from it as we started setting weekly tasks. I also feel that communication improved as I asked how everyone was going with the project each class, ensured everyone was comfortable with what they were doing as well as encouraging everyone to keep everyone else updated on their progress.
  • Aidan as artistic director was great, the scene looks amazing and the textures he created are wonderful and done in a short period of time.
  • The project desirables being added as a result of the increased size of our landscape and the team working effectively together and being organised.
  • Lief didn’t really improve but he did complete his tasks to a reasonable standard. I think that it lead to the rest of team working harder and achieving more which I think that the team should all be proud of. I feel that the other four team members worked really well together.
  • Jordan is a great member and fixed the file size problems without hesitation. The textures for the rocks are worth the size they add.


  • I feel that my role as team leader caused improvements in aspects of communication and organisation. But I should have tried more to involve Lief and push him to work. But at the same time, he needs to be able to step up his participation, attendance and communication himself because he is an adult. One of the reasons I was hesitant to take on the Team leader role was because I don’t like giving orders too much because I feel like I can come across as mean or bossy sometimes even though I’m not trying to or being unfair. I believe that all the team members but one exceeded expectations with the work they produced. Jordan built basically the whole scene and made some amazing materials, added wind to the scene that really brought it to life as well as adding sound effects. Kayan made all the particle effects including ash, fire, fireflies and the waterfall, he also made the banners and rope that moved in the wind. Aidan’s textures are absolutely stunning. All of them also modelled assets for the scene.

Plans and Pitches

2a. I feel as a team we should have looked back at the documents we made during pre-production more often. But we discussed a lot of the stuff that we wrote in the documents as we went so there were no workflow problems. With our effective use of Trello that involved separating different task into different week boards and having a complete column for each week really made knowing what needed to be done and what had been done a lot easier to see. As well as using labels to assign tasks made it easy to see who needed to do what. Each class as a team we had a group meeting to discuss what we wanted to be done for that week and for the next class. That’s when we would assign tasks and ensure that everyone is going okay with the tasks that they already have. Tasks were mainly assigned by team members volunteering or assigning tasks to themselves, although most of the team members would often ask if there was anything else that they could do and also make sure that other members weren’t overloading themselves with tasks.

b.  The use of Trello developed as we got out of pre-production to become really useful and effectively used. The use of the documents didn’t occur because we simply forgot about them and were working efficiently without them as we were discussing what we needed to do every class and that ended up being enough and working well.

c. I feel that our initial pitch went really well, and the feedback reflects that. Our concept was really strong and there were a lot of options for making it bigger and better, which luckily ended up happening which was amazing. The playtest went really well in class and we got more positive feedback. But this is when we discovered that we needed to make our playable space bigger, which we did and it worked out great. The external playtest went well, we had difficulties due to it being a VR game at the time. But overall everyone could tell what had happened, main feedback was that we add more effects like wind and sound and signs of struggle like blood, fire and destruction. Each pitch and test was effective and went well although we could have been more organised for the setup of them particularly the playtests and the final presentation we learnt from that. The final presentation went well, everyone seemed impressed with our project. I feel that showing the final fly through video worked really well to show off the landscape it was a shame we couldn’t present the executable file, but the unreal working file worked fine.


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