Week 7 Journal

What I made:


unnamed (12)

Copic marker blending testing, testing the techniques from tutorials.





More gesture drawing and anatomy drawing. The foot drawing is complete, with various shades of lead, using the circular shading method.

What I learnt: I did a lot of reading into Animal anatomy, I will detail this later in my research report but I read a lot about the skeletal and muscle structure. How some parts of the body appear defined in different ways whether they are skinny or have muscle. Techniques for using Copic markers that are detailed below.


Resources I used:   I learnt about how to shade with them, some stuff about shading and about colours I should get in the future, as well as how grey shades can be used to create darker shades of colour, through layering colours. How to blend colours through light to dark shades.

This video built a bit on what Jazza said in the first video that I watched, but showed blending more in depth and with colours of different families (blue with yellow for example or pink with yellow).

This repeats a lot of what is said before but shows it on a more practical way and was just good to watch for  more demonstrations

Animal Anatomy For Artists the Elements of Form by Eliot Goldfinger



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