Week 6 Journal

What I made:

Gesture drawings

Anatomic drawings, the first page is just is just some pencil drawings from life. The rest are anatomic drawings, a lot of them focussing on muscle structure as well as experimenting with different lead pencils/shades. Page 2 uses hatching as a shading method. Page 3 and 4 uses contour drawing. The arm on page 6 uses simple contour shading and smudging. I personally liked contour drawing the best, just works better, with some more work on graduation it will look a lot better, looks more natural too. Page 2 onwards drawn from reference from Hogarth.

unnamed (14)unnamed (12)unnamed (6)unnamed (2)unnamed (3)unnamed (13)

What I learnt:

The difference between different values of lead pencil, and way that the darker shades are easier to smudge and feels softer/smoother to draw with.

Resources used:

Didn’t really use too many sites this week, due to Steve helping out on the project and my workload within the group decreasing to a certain extent as I did more organisational stuff. I did do google searches for tutorials relating to ziplines, teleportation, grappling hooks and climbing up a rope. But I didn’t watch any tutorials because my lecturer Steve ended up creating this for my team.

Used for hands, not very helpful for the hand reaching out, it didn’t seem accurate


Dynamic Anatomy Revised and expanded by Burne Hogarth main one looked at this week

Animal Anatomy for Artists The Elements of Form Eliot Goldfinger

The Fundamentals of Figure Drawing a complete course for Artists of All Abilities by Barrington Barber

Force Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators Micheal D Mattesi





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