Week 5 Journal

What I made:

This is a test that I made for doo teleportation. That is a simplistic version of the aftermath scene. This blueprint set up worked in this scene but when replicated with the aftermath scene file it didn’t work.

This is the zip line I set up, but it didn’t work, also when merged into the aftermath master file the mesh for the zip line string isn’t visible, which I haven’t yet fixed. Haven’t yet discovered how to yet.


Gesture drawing, hard to do with people moving.


Lead pencil and charcoal drawing and technique experimentation.


Concept designs for cross decispline project.


Start of the final drawing, the basic outline.

What I learnt:

Need to practice more. gesture drawing on public transport and in the city is good but its hard to capture poses, especially when they work and trying to capture dimension. Should spend a long time on drawing, particularly gesture drawing, which with practice I will get faster at. the effects produced by lead and charcoal by the same techniques are very different. the difference between willow and compressed charcoal. Layering and the different values of charcoal and lead are very important and extremely useful.


Links I used: zipline tutorial takes you through step by step, adjustable. Very easy to follow but it didn’t work for me.

As it was troubleshooting and it didn’t make sense. Did read it a little bit when I started having problems, but my problem with the functionality wasn’t the same so, therefore, wasn’t too helpful. website that gives you a random reference image for gesture drawing  website that has filters for reference pictures for gesture drawing tips for gesture drawing video that I should watch for gesture drawing tips. anatomy reference that will be good to use in the future.–vector-17027 anatomy drawing tips anatomy drawing tips gesture drawing tips

Solid drawing tips

A lot of useful looking anatomy references will be extremely helpful. Especially with hands.

These are some links I read about lead pencil techniques that I also implemented to charcoal through experimentation. advice/charcoal-techniques-12- expert-tips

http://thevirtualinstructor. com/charcoal.html 2010/08/charcoal-drawing-tips- techniques/ portraits/pencil-portraits/ pencil-shading-techniques.html


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