Week 3 Journal

What I made:

Concepts for the Aftermath project, for the lanterns.

Models for the aftermath project, none of the pieces are connected because there are some scale issues and some different options for things such as legs/ feet of stuff. As well as ensuring that they are connected properly.


Map layouts for the Aftermath project.

What I learnt:

I learnt about environment and asset production workflow and I have learnt some little details from the links I gathered for the aftermath project, particularly interesting in the wood material that turns into its burnt version. Least that trigger boxes still work in VR, and my friend Jordan brought up the issue that you don’t really have a player in VR, which I found interesting to think about how events would be triggered, cause I found that there would be flaws in using timers to set off events.


This week I didn’t do too many tutorials instead, I gathered tutorials for my specialisation project and for the aftermath project.–cms-23690

Vertex painting Unreal Engine

Changing the skydome/ general info about it

Particle systems and creating them

Nightime lighting

Trigger boxes

Explosions (some might relate to effects in general)

Dynamic wood material that burns- could be extremely useful

How to make a tree, but could be useful in making bamboo

Decals in unreal engine (some/most involve blood marks)

Emissive maps

Normal maps

Painting puddles (could maybe adjust to be blood)



How to make ice and snow- maybe for ground cover


Candle tutorials- use for lanterns possibly.

Light flickering (related to candles/lanterns)



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