Choosing My Specialisation

As I came into this course to do Illustration/Concept Art I want to expand my skillset and do something that genuinely interests me. As most artists do they underestimate their talent, are very critical of their own work and are praise other artists and their work. This is evident from those I talk to in both my course and any of my friends that are artists. I believe I am the same. I am a good and capable drawer, and given the time I can draw some great stuff, although if you were to ask me most of the time I’d say that I’m just alright and not really talented, as their so many people better than me. I can draw realistically (to a certain extent), as well fantasy and random objects/ props to a good level, I can draw people quite well. But I am very critical of myself and compare myself to others, so I’m not sure if self-evaluation of my work is accurate, also I don’t like bragging.

Here are some examples of my work:

unnamed-11.jpgunnamed (6)unnamed-5.jpgunnamed-111.jpgunnamed (13)

unnamed (15)

What I’m aiming for:

Clean and beautiful concept art, my drawing style is a bit sketchy so improving that would be nice. Learning to digitally create my art would be amazing. As well as becoming skilled in using more materials such as copic markers, markers, charcoal and whatever I can get my hands on. As well as expanding my skill with my favoured materials, watercolour and pencil.

unnamed (29)unnamed (36)unnamed (33)unnamed-32.jpgunnamed-25.jpgunnamed (22)unnamed (34)unnamed-28.jpg


What I need to improve on:

Drawing of people, and the style/s in which I can draw them. Drawing of different angles, particularly of characters. Ability to draw in different mediums such as digitally. Improving my drawing to environments/scenery.

Initial Project Idea: To think up, find different ideas or an inspiration description/story then design characters, props and or environments from these ideas. Whilst learning new techniques or styles of drawing, each idea will experiment with a new technique. different processes of concept design.

In trimester 1 in my contemporary storytelling class, I wrote a story called “Star Runners”, I developed a story, characters and world that I would like to bring to life. This could be the basis of all of or part of my concepts.

Sources to investigate further:–cms-23690





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