Week 2 Journal

What I made:

I finished My boot camp project, complete with trigger boxes and camera movement etc.


I started an experiment project just to try tutorials on, 2 out of the 3 tutorials was unsuccessful.

Also I did some concept images for the new Aftermath Project, as a part of team Comatose Goldfish, an Ancient Chinese Watch Tower.

unnamed-1.jpgunnamed (2)unnamed (3)unnamed

What I learnt: 

This week I watched a lot of tutorials and read quite a bit, trying to find solutions to problems I was having especially with destructible meshes, as I was trying to have a bookcase fall and when it hits the ground crumble. But due to the cinematic sequencer repeatedly kept removing my mesh from the sequencer meaning the animation didn’t work. This was really frustrating. I tried finding a solution for that but I was unsuccessful. Some of the other tutorials are just looking at some information for lighting and just finishing touches for the project.

Resources: was looking for info on workflows to ensure that I was adding the right details for my Bootcamp blog, this wasn’t helpful. workflow info bit more helpful.

Used the 2 following links to do some basic things in photoshop, as I had forgotten how to. looking for particle activation


Playlist about camera shot stuff destructible mesh help                                                                                        Loaded with heaps of information, bit confusing though as some of the information was complex and I didnt fully comprehend it not really helpful could be interesting, might investigate further  Lead to a good page of info, still didn’t resolve my problem Not helpful Confusing, at first I thought it might resolve my issue but in the end, it didn’t.                                                                                                                                                    Very helpful document, tells you what each of the parameters/properties do in list form, might be the same as what comes up when you hover over them but it helps to see them all listed, makes it easier to compare them.                Found it through a list of documents on Unreal docs website, I played with the collision response settings earlier, to try and fix my bookshelf problem. but was really confused by them. With this, if I get the chance I might go through and play around with them, after reading through and seeing what the possibilities of this are.                               As well as all the other tutorials that are done by Steve.     Had a problem when packaging, the tip of opening the texture and moving nodes worked, I moved all the nodes/ groups of nodes just to be sure. looks interesting, don’t know how matinee makes a difference or what it is but I think this will be worth a try.    Looks interesting, looked at this after I gave up on making my bookcase fall and crumble again. It also involves blueprints which I was looking into earlier to make my bookshelf crumble and fall at the same time. This looks like it could work or make destructible meshes destroyable from gunfire maybe I think. Tried it, it didn’t work. Put two of the blueprint in and for some reason when I turned on simulation hit event it disappeared wheres the one I didn’t select that on was still there crumbled and didn’t react to the gun shooting at it. Went back through and altered a number and then it reacted to the gun. But still was crumbling before I shot it. Again would help with the issue I was having with gunfire not breaking my destructible mesh. Attempted this one as well, doesn’t work.although I did discover a new place within the blueprint where you can select to simulate physics. triggering particles effects. Did this tutorial, used explosion. It works




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