I’m back- Studio 1 Trimester 3 Journal Week 1


Modelled The head, body and legs of Blossom the Powerpuff girl in 3ds max. Didn’t start on the ponytail yet. Need to make the fringe have more dimension.






Modelled Kim possibles head, the reference image I’ve used aren’t a full front angle. Which makes it very difficult to model. So far I have only completed the head. I’m not quite sure the face is quite as lifelike to Kim possible as I want. But then again it is difficult/ could be because I’ve only seen her in 2D, and possibly never from a full front angle.





A simplistic scene in unreal engine 4, not completed but an experiment. Functioning Trigger box added that turns on and off a spotlight. Haven’t completed texturing, the texturing so far was done by dragging and dropping pre-made materials onto the assets. Didn’t model anything in the scene.


What I learnt

Learnt about basic functions in unreal engine including how to navigate, how to place, move, copy, rotate and scale objects, even though I’m still finding it difficult because of the controls, but through repeated use that will improve, trigger boxes use and how to make them to an extent, how to make destructible actors, the results of simulate physics.

That doing stuff in smaller time spans of time, rather than in long periods is better.

Resources not helpful Demonstrates trigger box door open, uses animation which I haven’t seen in any other videos. trigger to elevation part 2 shows Trigger volume, I thought it was related to sounds being triggered by trigger boxes. It wasn’t.

Very simple but built on some thoughts I had when I was watching tutorials about physics simulation. Also could lead to more research into how 3ds max could be used to customise the explosion. Goes through setup, not as helpful as I hoped. Helpful but a bit confusing, get some of the concepts but as I haven’t used the trigger boxes let alone the program completely yet I’m not sure how much I learnt as its a bit advanced. But from the looks of it you make the triggers in parts so that you can reuse some parts, and then through referencing these parts (the last box of the blueprint) the commands/actions coded into them are used and can be used for several triggers and or actors.

It would be interesting/ helpful to find a video/s that goes through the different things that triggers can do e.g destroy etc and what causes them as well as the use of stuff like branches and what you need to search in the blueprint options thing to enable functions/ actions etc.

Extremely helpful, simple and explains stuff really well including why he added in some of the nodes he did (nodes are the boxes that are in a blueprint) the way he explains stuff is great and easy to understand. Best video I watched. Looks like a good tutorial but I’m not sure if I need to download extra stuff for it yet.

Whole heap of tutorials done by unreal engine that I found but I haven’t watched all of them yet. Video on Destructible meshes, this is really fun and interesting.



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