Media Use & Identity

Media is everywhere, and therefore it influences everyone in some way or another. For me the Media influences a lot of my ideas, opinions and even some of what I do. As a creative person stepping into the field of animation, I notice that that the forms of media most important to me are Film, Literature and Art Supplies and Stationary.


Cinema, DVD and mobile  are all mediums that I use to watch films, each has their advantages and disadvantages. Cinema is where I watch the films that i am most excited about, as otherwise I wouldn’t spend the money on it. The size of the screen, the lack of lighting creates a distinctive atmosphere, as you watch the film with family and friends along with the general public that also share a common interest- the film.

DVD allows for a more intimate and custom made setting, as you choose where to watch the film. Often this occurs in a smaller space than a cinema like your living room, in the comfort of your own home. This is where I watch most films as, it is convenient, cheaper and also allows for a greater choice in content. The majority of films aren’t screened in cinema for various reasons including cost, audience appeal and the fact that its wouldn’t  be physically possible for the screening of a movie to be on a international scale. DVD also allows you to re-watch your favourite films. Depending on the film and your DVD, you may also know have access to the special features of the film, which allows you to develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the film.

Mobile devices shares a lot of the same features as DVD, but it is more transportable, allowing you to watch films practically anywhere, but at the cost of viewing them on a smaller screen.


Literature shares similarities to film as they both tell a story. But the experience created by both forms of media is completely different. As literature for me is through physical copies of books, rather than through a screen as it hurts my eyes and I love the look and feel of books.

The experience created by reading a book, takes you to another world, as long as you utilise your imagination. Which is the main difference between film and literature, the level of imaginations’s involvement and people involved in that experience. Reading a book is a solitary affair for me, as it allows me to immerse myself in the story. The environment in which you read a book is extremely important to your enjoyment of it, I prefer a quiet, comfy spot amongst pillows under good lighting as it is the best way to immerse your self in the story.

Art supplies and Stationary

Media has 2 sides, the creators and the observers, the effect on each is different. As much as I love looking at the work of others, I rather think of art supplies and stationary as a medium I use rather than just observe. Art supplies and Stationary are the most interactive forms of media for me as they are methods in which I create. At first I believed that the most important material was the colour whether that be a lead pencil or water colours etc. But the canvas on which you use the materials is just as important as it affects the composition and size of your work equally or more than the material used to construct your image.

In saying that I am more particular in my choices of what I use to draw rather than what the image is drawn or painted upon. As each medium has its own characteristics and therefore the abilities of each are different as well as the tone it can bring to the artwork. i would rather use a lead pencil than a pen for drawing or sketching as I can erase lead. Paper is the same as it reacts differently to different mediums, like copic markers on normal paper will bleed, where as on illustration paper they go on smoothly without bleeding.



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