Future Trend Predictions

Trends refer to the popularity of items in society, often associated with clothing, but relates to everything in society e.g. mobile phones like the Boost “Webslider” in the early part of the 2010 decade.  Trends often do die after a while, for fashion it is season to season, but it depends on the release of new options/ replacements. But trends can experience “reboots” in popularity,  to allow generations to relive the nostalgia of the items. Trends are often difficult to predict as their popularity can depend on multiple different factors, such as the promotion or endorsement of them by a celebrity and their competition at the time.

I have chosen to look back at my memories of popular childhood toys, as the range of toys has changed so much in the past 10-15 years. The children of today have a huge range of toys that incorporate technology into them, the quality of this technology is much more advanced to the technology than what it used to be. As it reflects societies use of technology as well as its important influence on our lives, this result in children wanting to be apart of it too. If some toys such as Tamagotchi’s and Mattel’s Pixel Chix , of the past were modified it could bring them back into popularity.

Pixel Chix’s are a handset shaped as a house, when I was a kid where you controlled the actions of a cartoon teenage girl that is made of back pixels. It could be described as a lower tech version of Sims. They have an element of technology in them that would allow for an easy integration of modern technology without a dramatic change in the fundamental essence of the toy.  They could also be brought into the Mobile app market, as there is a huge popularity in children’s apps that have a similar theme of role playing and care taking of a person or animal . Pixel Chix’s did allow for connection between users/ handsets but this had to be a physical collection with new technology they could do this wirelessly on a larger scale, on multiple platforms. This could assist in their popularity allowing children to play together.  Customisation for the avatar as well as the handset, is another update that could be made to increase its demand. As well shrinking the size of the handset, making it more travel friendly for little hands.



The first image is of the Pixel Chix I used to own. The second picture depicts some of the different varieties of Pixel Chix.

Tamagotchi is similar, but they have already released an online platform. This toy has already gone through multiple stages of popularity, including its initial release in 1996. Its popularity is due to return due to new advancements in technology that could expand the capabilities of the toy such as wireless multi play. Possibly an update in the animation of the cute characters, into 3D, coloured animated ones and the modification of the background to match . They could also branch out into a toy like Hasbro’s Furby possibly blending elements of both together or creating physical tamagotchi dolls with elements of technology to play with.  The customisation through build-ability of the handset and customisation of characters could increase their popularity as children of the current generation love to create avatars of their own, as they are able to on online games and apps.

These depict some of the versions of Tamagotchi’s released between 1996-2007,. There have been various versions released, but not all of them have made it to international release, particularly to Australia.


cover image url : This image reflects how I feel about making Future Trend predictions.


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