Foundations of 3D Graphics

3D Pipeline- UV Mapping, Texturing Shaders, Rigging and Animation

UV Mapping

UV mapping is essential for the process of texturing to apply/paint on texture is the process of flattening the 3D model into a 2D net. The UV’s are markers that control the pixels on the texture map (applied texture) and their connection to the vertices of the model. (lecture notes week 3).


The images above demonstrate UV mapping and Texturing.

Texturing & Shaders

Texturing is method of applying colour and/ or pattern ( e.g clothing, wood paneling ) to a model, after it under goes UV mapping. It is vital to creating any great object, character or environment. Shaders are used on textures so that the 3D models react to lighting, in both colour as well as how light is reflected and the amount of it. (Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects. P 254.)                                               chades

These demonstrate the some different shades.


Rigging is the creation of the internal skeleton of a model so it can be animated. (The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects, P81). The more components to the skeleton the more the animators are able to customise the models movement. The level of complexity also affects the time needed to process the movement, similar to polygon modelling in that sense. ( The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects, P 160).


This depicts part of the rigging process in the creation of Puss in Boots from DreamWorks Shrek 2.

This link shows some character rigging, manipulating the character to move and the resulting animation.


“To animate things means to give life to an inanimate object, image or drawing.” ( Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects P 295.) But only those that aren’t directly from reality (no photographs). Animation is created by the movement of the subject over multiple frames shown rapidly in order. (Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects P 295.)


Cover Image-



Shader examples-

Puss in Boots-

Link to video “3D Rigging & Animation Reel” by itsakitteh, published on 9/1/2013




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