What Inspired Me

Hi my name is Rhianon and I’m just beginning to study Animation. My hopes are to become an illustrator or concept artist, but I’m open to go into any part of the field that interests me.

I’ve always been creative and combine that with my love of animated movies and TV shows as a kid and that’s where my passion began. The moment I knew I wanted to go into animation as a career was when I went to the Animation academy at Disney California Adventure Park. The main room that leads off into all the various activities that you can do had projections of beloved Disney films playing in various angles on the wall, it was beautiful. My family and I went into a drawing class, where we got to draw Olaf from “Frozen” (Buck & Lee 2013). I remember feeling so happy in the minutes I spent drawing him step by step. Now thinking back there as I explored the main room I found a hallway. On it it said “Once upon a time” and that now seems relevant to me as that was my beginning of my choice to become an animator.

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My childhood consisted a lot on Disney and Pixar in particular, their films impacted on everything I watched, drew, read or dressed up as. Back in primary school, at the end of ‘Book Week’ there was a Book character parade. Every year from Kindergarten to Grade 2 I dressed up as ‘Sleeping Beauty’, my favourite Disney Princess.

One of the things that is excites me about having a carer in animation is the thought of being apart of people’s childhoods in away. Giving children role models and inspiring their imagination. As well as giving them a bit of happiness and hope, from a world on a page or playing on a screen.

Children aren’t the only ones who watch animation though, it’s for everyone. For adults the effect is a bit different, it can transport them away from their worries of their everyday lives. Which is what it does for me, as well as connecting me to my inner child like self. For me, a favourite of mine is “Lilo & Stitch” (DeBlois & Sanders, 2002). It was the first movie I saw in the cinemas. It is a wonderful story with amazing characters, as well as a great soundtrack. All the elements immerse you in the film, now though I pick up more of the jokes that are made, and see more in the characters than I did as a child. Nani is a perfect example, I now see how everything she did was for Lilo. As well as comprehend get her gravity joke “Oh no! Gravity is increasing on me!”.


Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks in particular often have messages and themes woven into the story, although not always obvious, particularly for children. But if realised by the viewer, it is very uplifting and creates another quality to the film. It is often a reminder that no matter what life throws at you, you will survive, be better for it and have a happily ever after. Films like “Zootopia” (Howard & Moore, 2016) has the message ‘you can do anything you set your mind to’, that theme relates to the protagonist Judy Hopps actions. Throughout the film she doesn’t let anything stand in her way to become a police officer even though no one thought she could do it, she does the same when undertaking her investigation.


The visual elements used to bring to life the character’s world is one of the things that makes animation special. “Tangled” (Greno & Howard, 2010), is an amazing film with stunning visual effects. The lantern scene, when Eugene and Rapunzel are in the boat surrounded by lanterns, is my favourite film scene. The beauty of the lanterns as they fill the air around the castle is breathtaking. As the lanterns make it down to the water and surround the boat as Rapunzel and Eugene sing “I See The Light”. The reflections on the water are beautiful as well as the lighting the produce as they dance around in the background. The quality of the visual effects are vital in illustrating the journey of the character. The visual effects are always evolving, keeping the industry interesting and allowing several different styles to be created.



I love animation because of the characters you fall in love with as you watch them undertake their journey in the beauty of their world. The world of San Fransokyo in “Big Hero 6” (Hall & Williff_disney5_fams, 2014) is beautiful. You can’t help but fall in love with the whole team as you watch them on their adventure packed journey for justice. Throughout the film practically during their battle and training scenes there are some great visual effects used. big_hero_6_finale_

I want to help create something like that, to bring joy and hope through a good story.


Cover image- found via pinterest

Olaf drawing one of my own, would have added more photos of my own but my hard drive is corrupted.

Image of main room projections:

Image of nani and lilo-

Image of Judy and Nick from Zootopia-

Image of castle lantern scene-

Image of Eugene an Rapunzel-

Image of Baymax and Hiro-

Image of the Big Hero 6 team-


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